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General Traveling Tips for Visiting Kerala, India.

Traveling in Kerala is extremely exciting. If proper advance planning is done, it could make your vacations more fun and relaxing. The memories you take back home are worth cherishing for lifetime. Gather all the necessary information that you may require on your tour and just follow some very simple codes and traveling Tips to Kerala.


Kerala experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. It is a paradise for tourists. The ideal time to visit Kerala would be in the months of October to March. These months are usually the peak season to visit Kerala. But this trend has changed now. For the last few years, Kerala is thronged with tourists year around.


June to September is monsoon (rain) in Kerala. Earlier, it was considered off season for tourists to Kerala during monsoon. But, now a days travelers are more interested to visit Kerala during monsoons. Coming to Kerala during monsoons is considered as an experience in itself. It looks full of fertile green everywhere in Kerala during monsoon. Monsoon is also ideal time to experience a nice and warm Ayurveda massages or Ayurveda treatments.


Kerala does not have very harsh weather conditions. That is the main reason for visitors to come here during any time of the year. Summers and winters are pleasant with very slight variations in temperature. Thus, Kerala can be visited any time of the year.


During winter (November to January) there will be certain drop in the temperature and you can feel a slight chill due to the cold wind. Winter is truly enjoyable in Kerala and lasts from from November to January.

Average monthly weather chart of Kerala is given below: -


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temp. 30 31 32 34 34 30 29 29 30 30 30 31
Min. Temp. 22 23 24 25 25 24 23 23 23 23 23 22
Average rainfall days / month 1 1 3 7 10 17 14 9 8 12 9 4


General Tips for Travellers

  • Foreign tourists must obtain a Passport and a valid Indian Visa for their vacation in Kerala. It is advised best to keep several copies of theimportant documents with you for a safer side, so that they may be produced when demanded. Also carrying some kind of identity proof with you always.
  • Be careful when you exchange your foreign currency into INR (Indian Rupees). It is better to get the currency exchanged by some ratified exchange agent. Many reputed travel agents and hotels now have facility of forex desk or they make arrangements for currency exchange.
  • Foreign women should wear decent outfits, avoiding revealing dresses with low necklines or beachwear. Avoiding foul language, nudity, consumption of drugs and alcohol and intimate gestures of kissing and hugging is always recommended.
  • The local shops and markets of Kerala cater to all your needs. So, we recommend you to travel light. This ease your burden and boredom of carrying heavy bags all the way. But, you may carry your required necessary items and equipments if you are undertaking adventurous expeditions.
  • Do give a good treat to your taste buds and pamper them by some exotic cuisines of Kerala. Drink mineral water and resist the temptation of eating at road side food joints.
  • To photograph most museums and wildlife sanctuaries, obtaining a permission or special ticket is mandatory. Some wildlife sanctuaries even require special permits for admitting into the habitats of the wild beasts.
  • Get your hotel reservations done and tickets booked well in advance by authorized travel agents to avoid inconvenience at last moment.
  • Rejuvenating by Ayurvedic treatments is a great idea during your trip to Kerala. Try out at only authorized parlors, Ayurvedic resorts and centers for your treatments where qualified therapists and doctors at your service.

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